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Comprehensive Ear Care for Surfers

Protect your hearing and ear health with some helpful tips for our water-loving patients. Over the years, our clinic has worked with an array of surfers and swimmers to help prevent common water-related issues and disorders.

Corky CarrollCorky Surfing

Ear Care Tips

  • If you're in the ocean often, prevent exostosis — also known as "surfer's ear" — with ear plugs or a hood. When exostosis blocks over 80% of the canal it's time to talk removal.
  • Ear wax is a natural water repellent and your friend, but frequent use of alcohol drops leaves skin dry, cracked, and open to infection. It's because of this, we recommend absolutely no Q-tips.
  • Plugging or discomfort means obstructive inflammation and should be treated with a clearing treatment using a microscope, which you can schedule at our clinic.

By Orange County Register Columnist Corky Carroll

Dr. Jackson's excellent results are recommended by patient, surf champion Corky Carroll, in his news column.

"I have had my left ear drilled five times and my right ear once. One time I had a bad doctor thanks to my insurance telling me that was who I had to go to, and he screwed the packing up, and my skin grew a membrane across the canal. Finally I went to a really good doctor and had another surgery to remove the stupid membrane."

"The doctor who finally got mine under control is Dr. Carol Jackson of Newport Beach." "Take my advice, folks. If this happens to you, get an expert doctor. The best I know of is Carol Jackson in Newport Beach. She is right across the street from Hoag Hospital and has an office full of hot babes working for her. I call 'em the 'ear babes.' "

We sell custom ear plugs and molds. Our ear molds are unique for surfers because they still allow for sound so hearing is not lost, they just protect the ear from water. Our ear molds are reusable.

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