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About Dr. Carol Jackson, Otologist

Dr. Jackson is a House-fellowship trained ear specialist who was honored to work with the late greats, world-known Drs. Howard and William House at the House Ear Institute and Clinic they established in Los Angeles. After Fellowship, Dr. Jackson practiced neurotology in association with Dr. William House — the "father of neurotology" — in our Newport Beach office for ten years until his retirement.

Having directed ear programs at UC Irvine and Western Medical Center, Dr. Jackson performs micro ear surgery for surfer's ear, exostosis, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, and tumors at Hoag Hospital and Newport Beach Surgery Center. Additionally, Dr. Jackson has published scientific articles and chapters in the reference text, Neurotology, established charitable organizations and has served as an officer in prominent professional organizations.

Along with her academic achievements, she has appeared on major television programs, including 60 Minutes, and has been interviewed and featured in newspaper and magazine articles on dizziness treatments, hearing instruments, and surfer's ear. Dr. Jackson has also been recognized by her peers who voted her into the Best Doctors in America listings and has been certified as an expert in federal and several state jurisdictions.

Dr. House and Dr. Jackson

Dr. Beko

Dr. Ashley Beko, Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Beko has several years of experience with the function of hearing, balance, and corresponding rehabilitation.  Like Dr. Jackson, Dr. Beko started her career path at world renowned House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles and later gained vestibular research experience in the private practice setting.   Dr. Beko emphasizes looking at all details of the patient's symptoms; including evaluating lifestyle and diet, which can significantly affect the chemical makeup and function of the inner ear.  This guides her to understand the possible triggers of the symptoms, so she can customize her rehabilitation plan in conjunction with Dr. Jackson's medical clearance or recommendations.  Dr. Beko is also an experienced licensed California Dispensing Audiologist with a talent for customizing instrument fittings to each patient’s unique needs and circumstances.