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Helpful Ear Care Articles for Surfers

At Ear and Balance Clinic, our goal is not only to provide hearing screenings and solutions, but also to educate folks about the health of their ears. Below, you'll find a selection of ear care articles written specifically with the needs of surfers in mind.


"The Ears Have It: Exostoses, Otitis and Stenosis"

By Corky Carroll

"Some rather annoying health issues arise with constant surfing. I'm susceptible to all of them. Ear, eye, back, skin, and all sorts of other health complications come with continual exposure to sun, wind, water, and the pounding of day-to-day surfing and paddling. One of the most common is "surfer's ear." The correct name is exostoses of the external auditory canal (the bony growths) with external otitis (inflamed or infected skin) and acquired external canal stenosis (narrowing). If this gets bad, it requires surgery. I've had my ears drilled out five times. I get asked about it all the time. So I contacted who I consider the leading expert in this area, Dr. Carol Jackson of Newport Beach. I asked her to write on this and related ear problems for surfers". (Read More)

"It's a Good Thing Surfers Have only Two Ears"

By Arnold Feher

I sat on my surfboard in the water slouching my back to the crisp offshore winds, watching Bruce Swanson down the beach duck dive under another closeout and paddle beyond the breakers. He wedged himself onto his board, cocked his head to the side, stuck his arms out, and shook his head. Then he stopped and pressed his hand over his ear. Warm under my hood, I turned back to the horizon, scoping the next set. (Read More)

"Staph Infection Emerging As Serious Surfer Ailment"

By Corky Carroll

"Last week I presented some information on an ear problem that many surfers have commonly called "surfer's ear" — something that has come into my life many times. It frequently takes surgery to take care of this problem, and I have had it done five times. The doctor who finally got mine under control is Dr. Carol Jackson of Newport Beach. I asked her to write about it for my column, and last week she shared her thoughts on this problem. This week I am continuing with what she wrote for me, this time about staph infections that are turning up more and more among surfers everywhere, but especially those here in the Orange County area". (Read More)

"Don't Want Surfer's Ear? Keep It Dry"

By Corky Carroll

"One of the occasional health issues that we who surf here in Southern California has to deal with is a little condition commonly referred to as "surfer's ear." I could be the poster boy for this condition. These little bumps, which are actually bone growths, form inside your ear canal just outside of your ear drum your body grows to protect itself...The answer to this problem is surgery...

One time I had a bad doctor, thanks to my insurance telling me that was who I had to go to, and he screwed the packing up, and my skin grew a membrane across the canal. I kept going back and it kept growing back together. Finally, I went to a really good doctor... Take my advice, folks. If this happens to you, get an expert doctor. The best I know of is Dr. Carol Jackson in Newport Beach. She is right across the street from Hoag Hospital and has an office full of hot babes working for her. I call 'em the "ear babes." (Read More)