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Connect with ease of listening through our hearing solutions.

Center your balance through our integrated vestibular care.

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for your ears!

Laser-assisted surfers ear removal without external incisions developed by Dr. Jackson provides long term outcomes.

Unique Ear Care in Orange County for 25 years

We're open with all Covid-19 precautions for the safety and care of our patients.

Since bringing the first cochlear implants, translabyrinthine acoustic neuroma removals, and using the teachings of Dr. House,  we are committed to rendering unique ear care full time. We live, work, raise our children locally, and take pride in serving Orange County.  With advanced training in otology, audiology, and hearing instruments, our professionals focus solely on ears.  We understand ears and strive to address each patient's ear condition.  The laser surgical and computerized techniques have advanced for those patients who are candidates. When you come for medical care, you will always see the doctor.  We don't schedule a high volume of patients or have physician extenders.

Why come in? New studies show that good hearing boosts brain function, maintains it, and reduces conversation fatigue. Your balance and sense of hearing are also essential for enjoying life to the fullest.   For many people, understanding even simple everyday conversations can be difficult. Problems with dizziness and imbalance can also lead to falls with injury and limiting your activities that involve treasured moments and relationships.

We provide state-of-the-art affordable hearing and balance solutions delivered with the thoughtful compassion you deserve by Otologist Dr. Carol Jackson, Audiologist Dr. Ashley Beko, and experienced hearing instrument specialist Wendy Meyer. Whether you're struggling with vertigo, ear infections, surfers ear, imbalance or looking for customized hearing aids, you've come to the right place.

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Don't "just live with" ear or balance problems.

There is help for everyone.

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361 Hospital Rd Ste 325
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Across from Hoag on Level 3

The parking lot is in the rear of the building. Valet at the main lobby entrance.