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Dr. House

William F. House, M.D., D.D.S

The late great Dr. William House is the "Father of Modern Neurotology" and co-founder, with his brother Howard House, M.D., of the renowned House Ear Institute in Los Angeles.

Dr. Carol Jackson was fortunate to train with Drs. William and Howard House and stellar clinicians at the House Ear Clinic.  She conducted published studies with the researchers there then associated in practice with William House, M.D., at his invitation, for a decade in the current Newport Beach offices and at Hoag Hospital.

William House, M.D., pioneered the cochlear implant and the brain stem implant to provide sound to the deaf. He modernized endolymphatic sac shunt surgery to alleviate the ravages of vertigo in Meniere's disease and acoustic neuroma removal which reduced the previously high risks.

He loved children and worked on simplified affordable hearing instruments toward his goal of offering hearing to all deaf children globally. He was a visionary, leader in neurotology, and humble scientist who developed many of the principles and surgical procedures that otologists perform today.

With his devoted wife, June House, R.N., he was a bright light of hope for all to hear around the world.